• Parking & Entrances

    Designated parking is located by the west entrance as well as near the south entrance. Drop-off circles are available at both entrances. Each set of doors offers an automatic door button on the right-most doors.

  • Wheelchairs

    Wheelchairs are available for your use while you’re with us. They are located in the coat room, just past the Chapel as you enter from the south doors. Please ask anyone in an orange lanyard if you need assistance.

  • ASL Interpretation

    A professional ASL interpreter is available at the 9:00am service in the live venue. Please ask anyone wearing an orange lanyard what room that is when you arrive. Look for the designated interpreter chair near the front center and select a nearby seat. Your entire party is welcome to sit with you.

  • Hearing Assistance

    Hearing amplifiers are available for your use while you’re with us. Please request one at the Next Steps area in the Atrium when you arrive.

  • Hearing Protection

    If the worship rooms are too loud for your taste, please feel free to pick up some free earplugs at any worship room entrance. Ask the usher for assistance in finding them.

  • Kids with Special Needs

    ALL children are welcome and encouraged to attend CC Kids! Please let us know about their specific needs at check-in and we will make sure they have the help and guidance they require while they’re with us. We staff each Sunday with the expectation that some children may need one-on-one attention. Jesus is for everyone!

  • Upper Level Access

    Most ministries and events occur on the main level, making it easy for everyone to access. The only Sunday morning ministries meeting on the upper level is Elementary CC Kids and the 10:30 6th Grade Worship Group. An elevator is provided and can be found between the CC Kids Registration Desk and the west doors.

  • Closed Captioning

    Closed Captions are auto-generated on each of our YouTube services and videos. Typically, Sunday services are finished processing by Tuesday. To turn Closed Captions on, click CC in the lower right corner of the video. Posted videos will be equipped with captions when appropriate and necessary.

    Live streamed services will have song lyrics displayed on the screen. The message and spoken elements are not captioned but may be accessed later by following the guidance above.